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Old Podcast

Season 6

What’s the Intrinsic Value in Occult Knowledge, Truth, and Wisdom.

Season 5

Tropical vs. Sidereal Astrology & Ophiuchus w Amanda Rose Campanaro – The Mindful Magick Method.

Season 4

What A Strange Journey It’s been. A One Year Anniversary of Seeking Truth and What’s to Come.

Season 3

the concept of reality as a simulation and how we can transcend the limitations of this simulation to achieve greater freedom and fulfillment in our

Season 2

Embark on a journey to explore the mysteries of the Anunnaki, an ancient Mesopotamian civilization that has fascinated historians and archaeologists for centuries.

Season 1

Take your journey with us some into the rums of some of humanities inner thoughts and theories about what lies before us and beyond the


Intrinsic Minds is a Mind Expansive podcast discussing Ancient Knowledge, Esoteric Sciences and Paradigm – shattering topics. Hosted by Gioacchino D’Angelo and Ray Frusco, both bringing Unique approaches to how it is they see the world and it’s inner workings.


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